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Sugar Daddy - Chapter 2
She moved her head to the side and watched him sleeping. His beautiful face resting peacefully against the mattress. Blowing a soft kiss onto his cheek she crawled carefully out of the big warm bed, to make sure she would not wake him. After hours of making love, he finally came to rest and fell asleep. Probably he hadn’t slept in days, busy with creating, choreographing and arguing around with his brothers.
Grace sneaked out of the room, took a hot shower and went to the nursery to wake Prince and Paris. When she finally got to the kitchen with the kids to prepare breakfast, she found Bill sitting in a big brown leather armchair sipping on a cup of coffee.
“Hey, Bill, good morning! Not sleeping?”
She put Paris into her highchair and let Prince run around the kitchen, grabbing a banana from the big fruit bowl on the table and holding it up to her.
“Morning Grace. No, I just couldn’t fall asleep. After hours of driving, the incident with that girl, you shooing me to the pharmacy… there was not one thought of sleeping!”
He smirked at her, watching her preparing cereals and fruits for the toddlers.
“And you, girl? You look tired.”
“What’s that evil grin on your face, Bill?”
He shrugged his shoulders.
“Well, I think you slept in someone’s room…” he replied hinting.
Grace felt her cheeks flushing.
“I had to look after that girl and later, well yeah, you know, he’s got a bad back.”
“Sure, Grace.”
Bill laughed and she knew that he knew.
Like he always knew when things were changing.
She liked Bill very much. They both worked for Michael for a really long time now and over the years they had become close friends.
“Bill, I should look after that girl up there. Whatever we’re going to do about her.”
He came over to the kitchen counter and put the plates she had prepared down on the table.
“I tried to convince him, to take her to the hospital. But you know MJ. When he set his mind on something…”
“Yeah, don’t tell me. I know already!”
They both laughed and Prince and Paris giggled with them.
“Would you mind feeding the babies while I go and take a look at her?”
“No, that’s fine with me, girl. Go and take your time.”
She knew the kids were safe with Bill and so she went upstairs to look after her patient.

It was well past noon, when he stepped outside through the big glass doors, wandering with bare feet over the grass to the side of the pool where Grace and the kids played under a big white sunshade. Prince was the first to notice him.
“Daaaaaaaaaaady!” he yelled across the green, jumping up into his arms.
Michael grabbed him under his arms and threw the small boy high up in the air, catching him and swirling him around.
“Hey dude, what’s up?” he giggled and put him down onto his feet.
“Look Daddy, we are playing with the new cars.”
Prince took Michaels hand and drew him across grass where Grace sat indian style with Paris in her lap.
She smiled brightly at him. Loving the way he looked, with his short messed up hair, stubble all over his face, the blue pajama bottoms and the slim shaped v-neck shirt.
“And here are my girls! How are you, ladies?”
He sat down next to Grace, kissed her forehead and cupped Paris’ small face in his big palm. Her cheeks were soft and fleshy and he allowed himself to gently pinch the girl.
“You didn’t sleep too long, Babe.”
Grace watched him carefully and stroked his lower back with one hand.
“Are you still hurting?”
“Yeah, walking is still hurting me.”
He rubbed his eyes and put his Ray Ban shades on.
“I had Doctor Levin over here this morning. This girl you brought here last night, well, she really got beaten up!”
Michael nodded. That was one of the reasons he had decided to take her with him. He knew she needed help. Protection. And shelter from that man who had done this to her.
“So what’s up with her?”
“Levin treated her wounds and gave her some strong painkillers. She’s probably knocked out for the next 24 hours. She should be better by then.”
“OK. Good. Thank you, precious.”
“You should have breakfast, Babe. There’s still fruit and cereals from the babies on the kitchen counter.”
She nodded her head over to the house.
”Want to go get some sleep, Gracie? You look tired.”
“Well, you know, my boss called me in the middle of the night with some emergency task.” she smirked at him, getting up and placing Paris in his lap.
“Oh, what a blunt guy!” Michael giggled and grabbed Grace’s calf before she could leave. She looked back down on him.
“Get some rest, Precious. I’ll take care of the kids now.”
“Thank you, Baby!”
She bent down to him to kiss his soft lips lovingly. She locked eyes with him for a few seconds and even through his dark shades, his glance made her shiver.
“I’m home again.” he whispered.
Butterflies invaded her belly and she felt a big lump building in her throat. And she had to turn around and rush back inside the house and up to her room to not break down and cry. She undressed quickly and slipped naked under the red satin sheets of her bed, breathing heavily to calm herself down.
His words echoed in her mind. She was on the verge of tears as the feeling of unconditional love overwhelmed her once again.
And she knew she was lost again.
Lost in the desperate love for this oh so special man.
Maybe this time…
Grace tried to push away the hope, the love, the feelings, the sadness, the tears, the hurt and everything that crashed down on her with those three words.
“I’m home again…”

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wow, it's getting better, still wondering what will happen with the mysterious injured girl.....
What is your first language?

hey gurl, thanks for commenting! hope you stay tuned to my story and find out what will happen to Val...

my first language is german... i hope my english isn't too bad though... ;-)

no your english is fine , I am just curious as PYT mentioned it wasn't your first language it's kinda nice to know what is.
The story is interesting , I need to read more to see where it is going (that's the whole point now isn't it ? LOL, read more!) the angle with Grace is certaintly new I willl keep reading!

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