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Sugar Daddy - Chapter 1
It’s at the end of the Strip, at the crossroads of a dark quarter of town when his eyes caught a cruel scene of brutality. In the pale shades of the lanterns he witnesses a man kicking his boot into the belly of someone curled up on the pavement.
The scene almost surreal he felt his stomach turn at the adamant violence. And though he’s tired and worn out, though he wished he had been fallen asleep on this journey back home he could not close his eyes and pretend to not see what’s happening across the street. At the next glimpse he realized it’s a woman on the pavement, her head hitting hard against the concrete, her body curling up, trying to protect her face from the cruel kicks that tramped into her slender frame over and over again.
“Stop him, Bill!” he yelled from the backseat of the car, his hands gripping the soft black leather of his seat. And within a second the car screeched to a halt, the door flew open and the massive black bodyguard jumped out of the SUV. Bill worked the slide of his gun and at the obvious sound the man who had beaten her up so violently ran off into the darkness. Bill heard the door of the car open behind him and quickly checked the surrounding.
“You stay in there, Mike!” he hissed, kneeling down to the girl who was now lying whining and shivering in front of him.
“Get her in here, Bill!”
He lifted her up carefully and he could hear a faint groaning escaping her mouth. The young girl was obviously in pain and seriously injured. Blood covering her forehead and the corner of her lips. Bill placed her gently next to Michael, trying to catch a glimpse of his eyes but the dark glasses of his Aviators hid away his stirred up emotions and the adrenaline that was pumping through his tired body.
“We need to rush her to the nearest hospital,” Bill muttered, positioning her legs onto the leather seats of the car, slipping her black high heels off of her small, slender feet.
Michael was shivering at the sight of her. He had never witnessed such violence and brutality, and much less towards a woman. Softly he grabbed her under her arms and pulled her upper body onto his lap. Her long silky black hair covered her tender face but yet he could see how beautiful this girl was. His heart crunched at the sight of the blood on her lips and her forehead. God, how could a man do something like that to such a beauty?
“Take us home, Bill…” he whispered, touching her skin gently with his fingertips. Trying to calm himself and give her a feeling of safety and protection.
“Mike, we need to get her to the hospital! This girl is injured, we can’t take her home!” Bill tried to contradict. He was in the car again and started the engine. The clock on the dashboard switching to 2 a.m. He had been on the road with Michael for a few hours now, exhausted and tired from a long day of rehearsals and the trip back from Encino to Las Vegas.
“You take us home. We’ll take care of her. I’ll call Grace. She can get a room ready for that gurl.”
Watching him in the rearview mirror combing back the hair of the unknown lady and cradling her gently on his legs Bill knew no word in the world could change his mind now. So he drove them home. To the big white mansion in a quiet part of the city.
Hidden behind hedges and gates to protect his small family from the ridiculous zoo of paparazzi and curious faces who’d try to catch a glimpse of a superstar’s life.
Michael carried her in his strong arms into a room on the first floor. Grace watched him carefully, as he lay the girl down on the white sheets.
“Who is she?” she asked lowly following him into the room.
“Dunno…” he answered, looking down at the stranger.
“Then why did you…” she tried to go on asking but she was interrupted immediately.
“Listen… she needs help, she needs to be taken care of and I won’t let her end up scared and alone in a sterile hospital. Grace, please help that gurl.”
His dark brown eyes begged her and her heart missed a beat. She loved him dearly and she never would turn him down. So she slowly nodded her head.
“OK, I’ll see what I can do. We’ll need some hot water here, some comfortable clothes and I’ll have to send Bill to go and get some things from the pharmacy downtown.”
She was already busy running around the room.
“You go and get some sleep, MJ.”
“Thank you, Babe” he hugged her close and blew a soft kiss onto her cheek.
Closing the door behind him he went upstairs and with every step he felt a hot piercing pain in his back. He rubbed the spot carefully, sucking in air through his teeth at the aching touch, knowing he injured something back there, overdoing the trainings, not stopping until every step was right on time.
Michael sneaked into the room of his sleeping children and their angelic faces and their sweet sighing noises made him smile, he bent over their cribs and caressed their small heads softly.
“I love you, my pretty angels” he whispered and watched Prince and Paris sleep for a while. This was his true heaven.
The children he had been waiting for so long.
The family that gave him love and the feeling of being complete.
He could sit and watch them for hours. Adore their faces and listen to their happy voices. They were his bliss, his redemption for everything he had to endure in life.
Grace slipped silently into the room and closed the door behind her. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his slender waist from behind him.
“We missed you, MJ” she whispered, resting her head against his back.
He took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a minute.
They were in an on/off relationship for years now and every time he thought they had agreed on whether being together as lovers or not, it was just the other way round again. He had known her for over 10 years, when she started working as his personal assistant. Her work always was excellent, he trusted Grace more than any other person surrounding him and when he became a father, it was natural to entrust his children to her care.
Prince and Paris loved her dearly and as soon as they started speaking their first words Michael himself taught them to call her “Mommy”. Grace was sweet and humble and such a pure soul but yet she also was the only one to tell him her true thoughts and address him straight with the things she didn’t like or thought to be false decisions.
He liked the way she took care of him, he loved the way she loved him and he was thankful for the way she treated him like a normal person.
Her hand stroking softly over his spine gave him a warm tingle in his stomach. He turned to her and stared into her big brown eyes. She always used to make him feel at home with her, like being family and though he asked himself why they never managed to have a healthy relationship.
“I missed you too.” he sighed, pulling her closer into him.
“Rehearsals went well? Did you meet your brothers?”
They still stood in front of the children’s cribs, holding each other with closed eyes. Michael put his hand on her neck and felt a strand of her short curly hair tickling his fingers.
“I choreographed the whole show now. And as always… rehearsing with them guys is simply a complete mess! God, Grace, I don’t know why I’m doing this once again. We rehearsed 12 hours a day the last week and I think I must have hurt my back somewhere. It’s aching like hell.”
He took one of her hands and directed it to that spot on his lower back that had troubled him for the last two days. He felt like he couldn’t even stand upright, but as always, he went through rehearsals without the slightest moan.
She looked into his eyes and saw he was in pain.
She knew him.
He never would have cancelled these rehearsal dates to get a rest.
The show for his 30th anniversary concert was set for September 7th, which was in about 4 months. She knew he was way too much into perfection than to give himself a rest or to skip rehearsing schedules.
She took his hand and pulled him firmly to the door.
“C’mon, let me take a look at you, Babe” she whispered.
And he took a last look at the two toddlers and left the room with Grace.

He lay on the bed, dressed in only his black tight briefs while Grace ran her strong warm hands over his back. She pressed her fingers hard into his spine slowly moving from his neck down to the lower back until he suddenly shrieked in pain. She obviously hit the hurting spot and nodded quietly.
“Ssshiiit!” he hissed, burying his face in the pillow. The pain shot down into his leg and made him hold his breath for a second.
“I see, I see. Turn around, Babe.”
He slowly turned, looking nervously into her eyes when she climbed on top of the mattress and kneeled in between his legs.
“Put your foot against my shoulder.” she pointed with her finger to her right side and took hold of his calf as soon as he was in a stable position. She pushed his leg up to him, almost until his knee was down on his chest.
“Hurts?” she looked at him, trying to keep the leg in position.
“Fffffffffuck…yessss!” he hissed in pain and felt beads of sweat building on his forehead.
“Good boy! Now the other on.”
They proceeded with the other leg, the difference obvious when she managed to stretch him easily.
“What’s that mess with my back?” he whined, almost whispering. He sucked at putting up with pain and prayed for the effect of the painkillers to kick in quickly.
“Could be a slipped disc, Babe! You need to get this checked real soon!”
Grace carefully tipped ointment in her hand and rubbed it warm. She nodded her head to make him turn around again and began to massage the painful area on his lower back. He closed his eyes, his thoughts drifting away from the pain and the anger he felt at the reason, why this mess happened to him.
Michael felt her warm hands move over his spine and slightly downwards into his briefs, caressing his butt just a little. He moaned quietly into the pillow and started smiling at the warm, tingling sensation that was spreading between his legs.
“Hmmm, feels good, gurl.” he whispered his voice low and hoarse.
Grace smirked all over her face, knowing that sound well and what was about to follow.
“Want me to go on?”
Her lips were close above his ear now and the whisper of her voice made him shiver.
Their eyes met and locked and then he slowly turned around without losing eye contact.
“Relax me, Baby. Please… I really need you now!” he was begging her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close.
Her hands caressed his soft skin. Even though he was almost 43 his body was still in good shape. She could feel his strong muscles under his pale white skin and by the sound of his voice she felt she would fall for him again.
How often, Grace? she asked herself. How often will you give in to him?
And yet she did over and over again.
He grabbed her hand and pushed it down over his erection. Letting her feel what she was doing to him, making him as hard as steel, filling him with desire and lust.
“So hard, baby!” she laughed and started working him.
“Gawd…” he sighed and closed his eyes to abandon himself to this amazing feeling she was giving him with her hand.
And this was all about him.
She knew him so very well over the last couple of years they had spent together. And they really knew each other in every possible way. When he was tensed and worn out, she knew he needed relief. Needed to get rid of all the pressure that had built up in his mind and body before he could take his time with her and be the most loving and caring lover she ever knew in her life.
Her hand massaged his hardness real slow. She kept him in a tight grip, making sure he wouldn’t miss the slightest touch. Her lips kissing his flat belly tenderly.
“Oh, Baby…you just don’t know…” he whispered, eyes shut tight and his hand moving sensually through his hair.
“Sssshhhh… just feel me” she hushed him, slipping the tip of his member into her hot wet mouth.
“Gawd, how I missed that!” he hissed, thrusting his hips in a slow rhythm into her.
He raised his head and watched her play her tongue around his sensitive head. Licking and sucking his full length while her hands caressed his bare chest, her fingertips slowly circling his sensitive nipples.
And when his thrusts became faster, she knew he was almost on the edge and she quickly got rid of her short skirt and the black laced bikini thong, straddling his lap when his breath was already getting ragged. And she took him deep into her wetness, throbbing and clenching around him, making him moan and buckle his hips underneath her.
“Oh, Baby” she moaned, rocking her hips up and down on him.
“I … I can’t hold on, Precious.” he panted and the deep strokes of his shaft and his low hoarse voice made her come instantly.
“Cum with me!” she moaned loud, thrusting onto him harder and he pushed his member even deeper inside her, squeezing his hands around her buns, giving her more direction. She felt his hot liquid shots inside her and drew him close into her arms, moving them both slow now in a gentle rocking rhythm.
His breath still heavy and uneven caressing her neck, she felt his hot tears on her skin.
She closed her eyes for a moment.
Swallowing hard, not giving way to the feeling to cry.
Her arms held him tight, one hand resting on his back, the other softly combing through his short messy black hair.
She felt him soften inside of her and felt the tension slowly leaving his whole body. Her lips kissing his tears away.
“I love you, MJ” she whispered, pressing her lips against his forehead and still rocking him gently. His arms wrapped around her and his hands moved their way up under her shirt, caressing her soft brown and beautiful skin.
”I love you more” he breathed, softly blowing a kiss onto her neck. More tears rushed from his eyes, leaving wet traces on his beautiful face. They held each other for a while gently caressing each other's skin until he started kissing her lips with passionate desire.
“What are you doing to me, Babe?” she whispered, breathing heavily, kissing down his neck.
“Making love to you, Precious.”
Her heart skipped a beat. With his voice so low and loving, hurting her deep inside her soul she knew she would lose herself again. Would allow him to invade her heart again with all the power and control he had over her.
His soft lips found her erect nipples and sucked her softly, his tongue caressing her peak.
“God, Babe, you feel so good!” she moaned and arched her back into him.
Pushing away her doubts and fears for now.
This was what she wanted.
All of him.
His love and attention.
The wild man he was underneath his clothes, underneath his shy skin.
He plunged his hardness into her warm wet core with a long sigh, locking his dark brown eyes with hers. The slow moves of his hips driving her crazy.
“I love you, Precious. I really do!” he whispered, his voice trembling with desire.
“We’ll get hurt again, MJ, and you know it. God… don’t stop, Baby”
“Ssshh, just feel me…”he repeated her words and entwined their fingers above their heads.
Their bodies moving in ecstasy, clinging together in desperate desire.
“I… I feel you, Babe. I can’t…” she captured him between her legs, pulling him even closer and deeper.
“Cum for me, Precious.” he gasped, his voice barely audible, at the brink of his own orgasm. “Cum hard for me now, gurl…”
She felt the waves of pleasure building deep inside her and held on to him for dear life. He climaxed with her at the same time, his tongue entangled with hers.
“I love you, Michael.” she whispered and the sound of his name cut right into his heart.
He knew how much she loved him.
He had known it for years.
And he never ever meant to hurt her and though he failed again and again.
Michael inhaled the scent of her hair and kissed her gently.
“I promise you, Precious…”
She stopped him, before he could end the sentence.
”Don’t… don’t promise.”
Her lips caressed his neck, down to his collarbone. Sucked him there and left a faint mark on his velvet skin.
“Just make love to me, Babe.

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Well this is different.....Grace huh? I am intrigued , looking forward to the next episode

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